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Did I read that right? 40K for a 4-Door? Rubi with all available factory options, with highest-rate state tax/reg included (CA, NJ or NY), should be no more than 38K OTD (I paid around 34.5 for a LE Call of Duty version Rubi Unlimited...not because of the game, cause dealer was more motivated to move the Call of Duty version than a standard Rubi).

I'm a multiple Jeep owner. Currently got a 08 2D-X Softie, 11-Rubi Unlimited Hard.

So far, both have been reliable, the 08 has gone through multiple recalls though. No issues stemming from it. I do my own basic maintenance, and always do a once over and while-your-at its. Hasn't really needed anything major.

While I'm not doing rock-climbing or Level 4 or 5 trails, both in stock form, handles 75% of California desert and forest trails fine. Gets me to some of the more remote campsites/lookouts/hiking trails with no issues.

Days I don't ride to work, I take the 2D. I love it because it's easy to zip around and park. I like mine.

I know numerous folks with Nissian/Toyota variants of the Jeep. My fav so far is the FJ from Toyota. All of them gets the owners/occupants/gear to the same location without skipping a beat also.

Xtrerra and FJ definitely has much more creature comforts, ride quality, fit and finish (especially the 08 Jeep, 11 is better) over the Jeep. But when things get serious....I would count on the Jeep more, plus, working on them getting aftermarket/OEM parts is typically easier, more plenitful and bit cheaper.

If your doing some long distance driving (like 1000's upon 1000's), I would take a Nissan or Toyota version for the comfort factor. While I would do it if I had to, going x-country in a 2D soft-top Jeep doesn't sound like very much fun.

Oh yeah: If buying used is in the question....definitely look at California purchased and owned version. TONS of trucks/SUV's meant to dirt (even purposely tooled up for it) that never see it. Many people here buy it for image more than anything. I got a nieghtbor who has a 4-inch lifted Rubi, REAL bead-locks, in MINT condition. Never seen anything but asphalt. Looks bad-ass though.
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