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It's not that bad yet on mine luckily, mr. Krumpet. Many riders wouldn't even notice it yet probably. But no cash means no parts, so it'll just have to wait a little longer I'm afraid.

In the mean time I'm having so much fun on these tires!

It's like I found a whole new barrel of confidence or something. I was flying through city traffic like when I was 16 again and on my good old MT50 today. It feels a bit difference of course, but I really don't feel I'm missing any road performance at all on these. The Scorpion Trail on the back seems to perform even better then the BT0023 on the road to be honest. And even though it has a 'w' speed-rating I don't have any problems turning it on even on these colder days. I hope it'll rain soon so I can get a feel for them in the wet too.

The brackets I had to raise the front fender turned out to be just a little to long btw, so I'm still riding without one for now. I don't mind, it's dry this week and it looks rather cool to be honest

I'll already got some new ones though, I just have to drill out the holes for the bolts a bit more and round the edges a bit and then it should fit.
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