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nuggets: thank you so much for posting those links, especially the "Offroad fanatic" one. They have really short and sweet explanations for all of their videos.

Browsing through their upload library, I stumbled on this one.

What caught my attention is the "outside elbow" up. I wonder if this will help in Gymkhana as well, as I sometimes struggle with uneven pressure from my hands in a full lock turn. I can feel my hands struggling with each other, both pushing opposit ways, making the run really awkward and stiff, and not being able to hit a full lock.

So in continuation of this, can we talk about body position in Gymkhana riding?

I know for acceleration and deceleration you move your body forward/back to compensate for G-load, to keep wheels on the ground, as well as keep load off the hands and bars.

For fast turns, butt stays in the seat for the turns, and we move our torso on the inside to offset the COG.

For slow turns, we lean to the outside to counterbalance the weight of the bike leaned into the turn.

I also remember somebody commenting that twisting shoulders and even hips into the turn, helps them turn faster.

Another thing I've heard about, is running a course with just one hand. Yes running the course with just right hand on the bars for throttle and brake, and no left hand. One, teaches us to proper use of brakes, rather than clutch to control our speed. Two, full control of the bike, as the hands are not battling each other, canceling pressure and therefor control of the bars. Lee Parks talks about this too, controlling the bike in the turn with just one hand. Obviously not taking the other off, but applying all the necessary pressure and corrections throughout the turn with just one hand.

Head is also something we constantly talk about, look where you want to turn. However I see different approaches to that too, on some Gymkhana riders. Some look where they want to go, some snap their heads at the last moment. Some even look the other way.

So can we get a discussion going on theories of best body positioning on the bike for slow and tight turns, such as Figure 8. I mean EVERYTHING, feet on pegs, knees, hips, torso, elbows, shoulder, neck, head.


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