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Originally Posted by mslizvt View Post
shoganai, hi!

This is beautiful! Your whole project is beautiful! Love it! You're doing an awesome job!
+1 !

I'm particularly impressed by the schematic. (Although it took me a minute or two to figure out that your fuse block includes a negative "bus".) You've got a lot going on there and gotten it sorted on paper at least.

VERY nice switch panel.

Originally Posted by victor441
SPDT relays with NO and NC contacts are easy to find
NO is Normally Open (or "off" in English) and NC is Normally Closed (or "on" in English). The relay will turn one terminal off as it turns the other one on. Nobody asked for my interpretation, but there it is.

Originally Posted by Shoganai
OMG I should have NEVER followed that link...

Look what I found
I have one and it's NOT really a motorcycle product. I had to open it up and adjust the voltage display. The switch for temperature doesn't work so the Fahrenheit display resets every few minutes. It works well on Celsius. For a while it would lose time whenever there was condensation, but that seems to have stopped. (I mean now it doesn't stop. I mean . . . .)
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