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Finally, I was riding around yesterday, and I saw this licence plate holder from Tri-Cities, WA, which is really close to my hometown in Hermiston, OR.

Hey, Ulyses

What terrible luck you had in the kayak in the lake; with all of that water out there, what were the odds that the captain would pilot right over the top of you. It is a good thing that the Jefe told the responsible captain to stay on the other side of the lake; otherwise, your brother would have had use of your toys for several years, while you toiled away in a prison--nobody wants that to happen.

Funny thing about the garbage truck with the Pasco placeholder. Hermiston hometown? Tri-Cities for me.

Keep your cool, everybody here is rooting for you to finish this adventure in one piece.

The Good Lord gave most of us 10 digits; mine are all thumbs.
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