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Originally Posted by PFFOG View Post
For some reason a few years back my feet would smell super bad even with fresh socks every day, smelled like cat pi$$. Tried powders, absorbine Jr, and other foot odor remedies to no avail.

Just using my head, and knowing rubbing alcohol kills bacteria, I got some of the mint scented stuff and put in a spray bottle. Every morning I sprayed my feet, for about a week, smell gone! And it has never returned.
Try Lamisil cream or equivalent, the bad odor is caused by fungi and not by bacteria. You need to use it as in the instructions and you will probably want to repeat after 6 months. Fungi are quite resistant to regular washing, higher temperature washing is needed for all your socks and also a spray for your all your boots and shoes - or else you will get reinfected.
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