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One handed eh? When I was taught the evasion maneuver I ended up having to do it with one hand, the other held up the air to avoid cheating... The maneuver is jinking hard left or right to avoid a collision & immediately swerving back into lane, bit like a slalom.
Initially using one hand was really hard because to counter steer you have to PULL the bar as well as push which leads to opening up the throttle, quite startling!!! This then led too weighting the footrests for a faster, smoother turn. Noticeably quicker regardless of what Keith Code says.
To do it you have to be loose on the bike & move your body weight into the turn to weight the inside foot rests alternately, quite a work out.

One of the main reasons I binned the DT recently was having my body weight too much into the turn rather than leaning out to counter balance the bike. I was being aggressive, weight forward & into the turn. Rigid with determination you could say. Or leading with my face.. Unlike the guy in the vid on the 1600 BMW, that's where I should have been......

Vulfy, I think you may have hit the nail on the head with your question. Apart from actually using the bike controls which is hard enough, trying to move smoothly around the bike is bloody hard as the speed creeps up. Trying to co-ordinate the whole lot properly is still a long way off for me.
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