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A word of caution Oh crap.... I had a decent run on Sunday on some deliciously twisty roads. I ended up tail end charlie to some sprot bike riders & the pace crept up... The road we were on is not fast, some of the corners are sign posted 35 kmh, most are 55 to 65 kmh. You can usually double that if can see far enough through the corner so we weren't fast enough to overwhelm my suspension but I did end up feeling the MT 90 push out on a couple of corners & had the rear shinko 705 chattering a couple of times on exit. Nothing dramatic but enough to show me they don't have the outright grip of a sports touring tire when pushed. At least they talked to me which is a big thing. I ended up getting my weight further forward into the corners & moving to the inside of the bike slightly, by no means knee down or poser though, just using my weight better. I wasn't scraping the foot rests either, something I used to do on the 021's.
I would say they have 80 - 85% of the grip compared to a dedicated road tire & a flatter profile so not quite as much lean.
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