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Thanks guys for all the has been very helpful. I like the idea of an OTD offer and then letting the dealer twist/fudge the number to suit their finance office.

In the RV world, it's understood that you should pay around 70% of the asking price for any new camper/5th-wheel.

Buying a new car: We have cool sites like Edmunds that tell us what the invoice price of a car is and what others in the area have paid.

Motorcycles....not so much help available (it seems). Which is why I turned to you folks to help me sort out a stategy for this pending bike purchase.

I'm not in a position to pay cash for the bike but I do have funds arranged from a local CU and will not be trading anything, so I look at it as a fairly simple deal.

What I don't want to is get ass-raped by the dealer with a bunch of hidden fees I should not have paid.
I understand they are trying to make a living...nothing wrong with that. I just don't plan to be the patsy for dealer shenanigans.

Thanks guys rock!!

Nate (the noob)
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