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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
Well in defense of that, I think he was just proving a point that counter-steering should be the main technique to steer the bike. Body position and weighting, definitely play a part in steering, but they are an addition to counter-steering. As "The twist of the wrist" is a beginner / intermediate riding book/movie, I think he just wants to get the point across that you should use the handle bars to steer your bike, not foot pegs. Aaaanyways....

Back to MotoGymkhana and body positioning on the bike.
Fair call. Doing the exercise brought to mind the scene with the guy trying to steer with the footpegs & gradually moving off line. Combining the two makes a much bigger difference.

In a previous post you mentioned that it sometimes feels as if your hands are fighting against each other. That describes exactly what I feel when doing my full lock 8's through the 1 mtr gate. Technique goes out the window & I end up wrestling with the bars & get tense. It's bizarre, the bike is obviously happy to fall over through the turn so I must be fighting myself to make it turn, half of me is making it run wide the other half fighting against that.

Learning to pop a wheelie might be easier.
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