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21" front wheel

Pluric do you allow me to post something related with bikes?...

I’m fitting the 21” front wheel in the Super T but it’s all tucked in!
I would appreciate the comments from people that have this wheel size in the ST.

The Yamaha specs said the front suspension is 190mm long. Using all of it the 21” wheel hit the head pipes. Did you had any problem with it?
As you can see in my pics if I use all but the last 21mm the wheel is very close to the head pipes.

In Greg previous post he said he’s ended up using all but the last 32mm (1 1/4") of travel, dou you know if we can use more than this or the suspension stops at this level?
I need to know this to modify the bash plate.

I would appreciate your comments. Thanks!! ::003::

This is Wasp post:

[quote author=Wasp]

I had my son (6' x 100kg) roll the bike down the driveway, weight the front wheel, and slam the front brakes on to load the forks as much as possible, and we ended up using all but the last 32mm (1 1/4") of travel.
This was good enough for me as the last bit of travel would place the tire on about the same (or reducing) trajectory and would not get any closer to the bash plate.
That said, it is damn close now and would absolutely hit with a new tire.
[img width=600 height=189][/img]

Unfortunately the last pic is the one that I really wanted as clear as possible. As Murphy's Law would have it this turns out to be the shitty one.
You get the message though and can see that there is only a whisker in it.

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