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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
Harvey: yes, very often I feel frozen on the bars. One hand pushing one way and the other, opposite. It usually happens when I'm going beyond my comfort / skill limit and I tighten on the bars. I am fully aware of it mentally in my head, WHILE doing it, but its extremely hard to get my body to do what my conscious mind wants.

It is bizarre, sort of an out of body experience, where hands are doing what you do NOT want them to do, and you can't do anything about it.
That sums it up perfectly Vulfy. I've chucked my toys out the cot a few times now because of it.

Both my bikes have wide bars & a lot of lock, especially the DT. Sometimes it feels like the front wheel is almost at right angles to the bike. Next time out I'm going to have a look at my body & arm position on full lock and see if I can shed any light on this.
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