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In all honesty I haven't pushed them that hard yet Krumpet. I think I did about a 100kms on them now, and half of that was with the front rear tire rolling in the wrong direction

I still have almost an inch of unused rear-tire left on each side even.

The roads here really don't allow you to go all out this time a year, with wet leaves everywhere and mud tracks on the tarmac from farm traffic. I did have the front step out on me once though, when I finally found a clean fast corner. Nothing to dramatic however, perhaps an inch or two and it got right back on track again afterwards. And I think it was my own fault to be honest, I was a bit jerky on the handle bars for some reason. Perhaps I'm a bit of an odd rider, but rear wheel slides often scare me more then front wheel slides when they come unexpected. My driving style usually doesn't seem to require a lot from the front end of a bike for some reason. Granted, the first owner is responsible for half of it, but I made that BT0021 last the full 31.500km the bike has done so far, and the same goes for the front brake pads. I wish was so easy on the rear too :(

Perhaps that's the reason the BT0021 wasn't as responsive as it once was though, I did just take off a 9 year old tire after all...
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