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Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
Fair call. Doing the exercise brought to mind the scene with the guy trying to steer with the footpegs & gradually moving off line. Combining the two makes a much bigger difference.

In a previous post you mentioned that it sometimes feels as if your hands are fighting against each other. That describes exactly what I feel when doing my full lock 8's through the 1 mtr gate. Technique goes out the window & I end up wrestling with the bars & get tense. It's bizarre, the bike is obviously happy to fall over through the turn so I must be fighting myself to make it turn, half of me is making it run wide the other half fighting against that.

Learning to pop a wheelie might be easier.
Ok, something is broken here. You're a good rider, set and determined to be great, or better than great... this should -not- feel like a tensing up of limbs and torso!

Are you jamming music ?
Buddies hanging out and watching/laughing/helping ?
Gotta be somewhere in an hour ?

Something is broken! It should start awkward and wobbly, or tense, and leave you loose as a goose and grinning by the end of the practice. If you need to change music to jazz or freaking gull calls, do it ! If you need a pair of tits , find some ! I swear by the end of a practice I'm ready for a hot tub / beer and a snooze. That loose, that relaxed.

Stretching helps at the beginning, maybe yoga ?

I keep thinking about how it feels like I'm killing the course, and (LAUGHING to myhself) how lame and slow the video will look ;-)
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