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I bought my first new motorcycle ever last year. I walked in, spoke to the owner, felt the price was fair, it was heavily discounted from husqvarna, paid and left.

Nine months later I was in a fight with the manufacturer over a lemon bike and the dealer was very helpful in getting me a new bike when my warranty was long expired.

Sometimes getting every last cent out of the deal isn't the smartest thing to do if you feel you might ever need them in the future.

With cars I'm much more aggressive. I feel bikes are an emotional buy and I'm buying the dealer as much as the bike. I go hang out at the bike shop and they all know me first name. Cars I could care less, I'm not hanging out at a dealer unless I have to.

I walk in, know what I'm going to pay already. I sit down with the first guy who walks up to me. I say lets go to your office. I explain I really don't like negotiating and I also am not interested in fucking around. You have the car, I want it, you want to sell it to me. I don't ned rust proofing, I don't need an extended warranty. I want you to go speak to your manager and make this deal happen and make me be the hero.

That took 30 seconds. I'm usually filling out paper work in five. I have better things to do than negotiate free floor mats or an oil change.

Btw, my company pays me to negotiate so don't believe anything I just said actually works
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