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Lots of good advice, especially from RedShark. Keep in mind that one thing cannot be negotiated. There must be at least two things. What is more important to you and the other thing more important to the other party? When buying a vehicle, the only two things are usually the price and your readiness to walk out the door. If you aren't willing to walk, and they know it, then you can't negotiate. You can ask, you can beg, but you have no leverage unless you're willing to walk. Yes, support a dealer that will support you, but let them know that there are limits.

In many cases the dealership gets a kickback on the financing. You don't have to tell them how you'll pay for it until you're ready to sign. If it'll be a cash deal (including outside financing), just keep quiet. You might get a better price if they're counting on the financing kickback.

Check every line on the contract before you sign. Be sure that the purchase price is exactly what you negotiated. Refuse to pay any fees except the tax & title required by law. EVERYTHING else is negotiable. (Twice I've seen car dealers print a contract with the purchase price higher than the agreed upon price. I've had a car dealer try to charge me for the business tax. I've seen a car dealer try to charge a gap insurance where there was no need--33% down payment.) If you finance without a very substantial down payment, be sure to buy gap insurance, but it might be cheaper from your insurance carrier. (Gap insurance covers the gap between the retail value of your totaled used-but-nearly-new bike and what you still owe on it.)

A so-called extended warranty is not a warranty. It is a prepaid repair contract. You have much more protection under federal law for a real warranty than you do under contract law for these 'Protection Plans." If you want this peace of mind insurance, as said above, check around, check on line, and negotiate hard for the best price. The price you pay covers a commission to the salesman, a profit to the dealership, profit to the underwriter, and maybe something left over for repairs. Some are from an outside outfit. For example, Suzuki's Extended Protection Plan, labeled "Suzuki" and sold through Suzuki dealerships, is actually from an outfit called Cornerstone United. Read the protection plan contract and follow whatever it requires.
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