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Originally Posted by BobLoblaw View Post
I was going to ask you what the road was like from San Felipe to Coco's corner but I'm guessing you probably don't remember
I was on it the day before yesterday. For some reason I didn't know that section was unpaved... I think I searched for info about it some time ago, didn't find it, and just forgot about it. A more thorough search would have been in order eh?

So needless to say I was a bit surprised when the road ran out just after the first bridge construction site. Considering it was used for the Baja 1000 2 days prior, it wasn't in such bad shape. I think if I'd known it was dirt for 70 miles I would have still taken it, but would have given myself more time. As it was I arrived at Coco's at dusk.

Here's the end of the road

This is what it's like for the most part

But then there is a sandy section. I was doing alright, staying in the mainly-straight wheel ruts left by cars, but then there was this one wiggly one left by an earlier bike. I gave it half a chance, and my front wheel decided to take the wiggly one. Pretty soon I was into the berm, and over the top of it.

Fortunately there is plenty of traffic on that road, so it wasn't long before Baja racers returning home came along and helped me drag the Tenere out.

In the last 5 miles before Coco's the rear suspension started feeling very weird. Zero damping, apparently. The stock Yamaha shock couldn't take that load on that road, for 70 miles. It's not like I was going fast or anything, average speed was probablly 30-40mph. So now on my way back to San Diego to take delivery of an Ohlins, and make a claim with Yamaha for a new shock. I thought going back to SD would be less messy and cheaper than having the shock shipped to La Paz or somewhere in Baja.

It's actually lucky that the shock failed this early in the trip - it was one of the things I was unsure about. Now I know it's crap, and fixing it now is a lot easier than if it had failed in Bolivia...

Will have the shock fitted by the weekend, then I'll be turning around and back to Mexico. May change my route though, now that I have seen at least part of Baja. Mexicali and south-east from there?

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