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Originally Posted by ADVMindset View Post
I popped for a Fenix TK35 a month or so is the newest version with 860 lumen. It is an awesome flashlight and I have no regrets. It is the household flashlight and has worked out well. I have also picked up a few different "cheap" lights off of Ebay, one uses a single AA and is rated at 600 lumen and the other two use a single 18650 battery and one is 1000 lumen and the other is 1600.
I got the 1000 for $17.00 with 2 batteries and a charger with free shipping ! And the 1600 for $9.00 without any batteries. The little 600 was less than $6.00 !
I am curious to see what the life span is these.
I think 600lm from 1xAA is a typo.

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