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Interesting - looking back I realize I successfully swerved before I bought any of bikes I did not like :) except first real bike - russian boxer converted to "chopper". I was young and stupid but smart enough to get rid of damn thing ASAP.
But there was a few I managed to TEST before even thinking about buying....
Supertenere, new one - test rode it. It's comfy and OK but I actually did not like how it handled and how engine responded to throttle. Felt not as gutsy as my previous sport 90 degrees twin and not as quick on rpms pick up as il4.
Triumph Explorer, new one. Nice motor but it's about it for me . Too big and I sat too much "in the bike", making it a bit boring.
Back then - CBR600F. God, this thing was boring, incredible. And slower to 60 than Hornet. Comparing to Hornet 600 I had back then of course. But one heck of reliable bike, seems to last forever with no hiccup.
Old GPZ1100 - once rocket, 10 years later felt like unserviced volvo 740 on 2 wheels only much worse quality.
I hated all cruisers I ever tried except I tolerated: Honda Valkyrie Rune (I know, I know, but I rode it on smooth paved road and it handled surprisingly well) - that one I purely liked for tech involved. Rocket III - that thing just...dumb crazy. New Triumph Thunderbird 1600? 1700? I did not even ask - most balanced look and performance in cruiser imo. And not cliche unless customized with stupid chrome bits.
2 buells - X something 9 and 12 - great chassis, horrible motor.

The list goes on and on....
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