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After yesterday's toad strangler I needed to get outside for lunch. I saw that it was sunny so I went out to grab a bite. I went to the food carts at PSU and enjoyed the sun on my face. But the black cloud was looming. Right as I got my food it started sprinkling so I made it to the common area where the streetcar goes thru campus to stand under the shelter next to Pita Pit. Then, BAM! The sky opened up and it dumped sheeting buckets of rain for 2 minutes.

I stood there actually enjoying and marveling at the randomness of nature as a few drenched people ran toward me from all directions.

I kept hearing distant thunder, kind of unusual. But it kept going, kept getting louder. Simultaneously 2 people yelled "what's that?!" and "look out!!" I was standing at the outlet to the building's roof drainage. It shot out with all the power of a fire hydrant but is twice the diameter. If not for the two observant people it would have been like I waded in the river up to my thighs.

Then it stopped and I walked back to work. Got a couple of crappy pics of the flash flood in the streets. I've never seen something like that around here before.

Glad you didn't get douched
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