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Originally Posted by davidji View Post
Why would you want to have any vehicle in 5th gear at 35MPH? Maybe some diesels. You could pull it of with a flathead, if you could find one that had a 5th gear.
My current Yam 900 Diversion will do it. Most 'fours' will, even if they are sluggish there. The reason I might is that I live on the edge of London and it's 13 miles to the centre, almost all of which are in a 30mph speed limit. If traffic is light, 35mph is mostly OK - go slower and car drivers tail-gate me. There a couple of stretches where it is possible to roll at 35mph for a couple of miles. On them I like to trundle along in a high gear at low revs. The triple didn't like to do this. Maybe I should just ride faster...

I appreciate the usefulness of being in a better part of the torque curve if circumstances demand and that's exactly what I do; shifting gear is a pretty quick process.
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