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Thanks. Its certainly been interesting over here.

I'm off to Laos at sparrowfart in the morning and will probably be off-line for four days, so I guess I better get an update in now eh? I managed to be the only guy around the place this morning when 400 blankets arrived... and the little Thai guy who delivered them wasn't going to help unload them. Muggins here got to lug them in... 50 at a time. I'd never thought of blankets as heavy before.

So... with one last gratuitous temple shot... and another showing where the 525 is having a holiday, I'll call an end to the Cambodian leg of the trip

I flew back to Chiang Mai via Bangkok... and for the second time in 20 years, I just transited through the airport.

Maybe I'll visit the city eventually....

It was back to my base in NW Thailand... and my first sight of the Super Enduro in just under two months. She cranked up pretty well, but spluttered a few times on her first ride. I'd run her dry, but not drained the dregs from the carbs, so I guess a bit of varnish went through. That first ride was a charity run to a school about 60km from Chiang Mai... up in the hills.

It was a quiet Sunday, so Phil and Som each rode their bikes, I doubled one of the staff... and one got left to cover coffees, etc. Som setting off on her Harley

and clowning around at our first stop. Breakfast at a bar where the rest of the riders assembled

along with a group of monks invited by the organisers

You wouldn't see this mix of shirts too often in Oz. Lots of different 1%ers involved

Our Norwegian friend and his wife on their Rocket III trike were up front, with us not far behind.

It was pretty orderly at the start, but we spread out a bit once we got into the twisties... KTMs (Phil was on one of his 990's and me on the SE) at the front... Harleys to the rear

Being a typical Thai event... there was a bit of stuffing around and speeches... and then we set off. Right up front was a police car, lights flashing, sirens on... the whole way. We did red light runs, blew through towns at speed and watched the cop force oncoming traffic off the road out of our way.

There were some interesting Japanese-based bikes

Lots of these things

.... back with more soon
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