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It's a weird thing Oh good. I love doing it but it takes me right out of my comfort zone, I've just been riding bikes for years, all of my thought has been about road craft not riding technique. I guess pretty average really. Getting into motogymkhana has really opened my eyes, like a hot fork stabbed into a butt cheek wide.
Scraping a footrest through a constant radius corner at 100kmh is one thing, scraping a footrest at 20kmh with the bars at full lock is off the scale.
You do have a very good point, though. When the DT & i had a wee lie down I was angry & that translated into aggression in my riding. I WAS going to do it! no if's buts or maybes. Thud.
Now that I have reached a stalling point, again, I'm going to have a good look at what I'm doing, where my technique needs practice, body position & awareness of my course. Fighting myself is just about re-training I think. I think it is a case of more practice, getting the co-ordination & balance to be second nature & creeping up on the limits of braking & grip as I get better.
When I get home from a good session I usually let out a loud happy sigh as I open a beer too. No hot tub, though...
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