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Originally Posted by EetsOK View Post
Of course, let's just ignore the fact that every human out there has slightly different anatomy from each other. You guys seem to forget that humans are not assembled in a factory to a set of specifications.

So while one person says "It is the single most uncomfortable bike I have ever been one" another will say "It is the MOST comfortable bike I have ever been on."

For me I CAN NOT ride feet forward bikes bikes due to a back injury yet I can ride most super sports all day long as the weight is off my spine. Some people have bad hips/knees and can't ride with their feet underneath or behind them. I think this may be one reason there are so many different kinds of motorcycle son the market and they all get a piece of the pie.
I'm not sure where the conflict is, other than in your head. I'm saying the exact same thing: everyone will have a different take on it. Give the reader(s) the option of hearing different input. Most of the bikes listed are reputed to be the "cat's meow," as a general rule. This is the opposing view for the reader to take or leave. Info is (most) always a good thing.

Pressing on.
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