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Originally Posted by entr0py View Post
Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction with an issue I am having with my 2011 G 650GS.

The bike turns off at random intervals. It has happened while riding the bike and it's happened when idling, standing still (neutral). Needless to say that the bike's electrics turning off completely (no hazards, no indicators, nothing) is rather dangerous when travelling at speed on busy roads with no way of being able to indicate that I am slowing and will need to turn.

Had the bike checked was told that due to the computer having reset there were no codes to get off and no indicators what caused it to reset.There were no obvious faults or problems with insulation of wires. Apparently.

Things I have noticed:

1. Riding along at a stable speed, 4th gear @ approx. 3-4000RPM the RPM display will (sometimes) jump and stay at 7000 or 8000 RPM (rev alert indicator comes on), however the bike's definitely not revving at max RPM. What's required is to shift up or down a gear which brings the rev counter back to actual.

2. The stalling issue described above. Riding along the bikes electrics and engine turn off. The electrics sometimes come back on immediately. At one stage I called roadside to have the bike jumped. The bike started but without revving the engine to above 3k, it won't stay on. The alternator works and I've had both alternator and battery checked.

3. Not starting at all. Key in the ignition. Self checks on the display are ok. Bike in neutral, kill switch off...simply won't turn over. The computer will turn off completely and IGN OFF will be displayed. If I am lucky the computer then resets and I can try again. Other days (not so lucky) there will be no power at all and the display will be completely blank.

While riding in the wet (completely saturated) the bike seems to perform fine, however I have experienced these issues twice after having ridden in the rain and the bike having been turned off for a 24 hours.

I do still have warranty on the bike so I guess the next stop is me negotiating with BMW to have whatever the problem is fixed under warranty.

Any thoughts or quick tests anyone can think of are appreciated.
That IGN OFF display shows up when you reconnect the battery. SO it looks to me like you are losing total power somehow. The solenoid idea does not hold water because it is in the starting circuit, not ignition.
Let us know what you find.
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