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Originally Posted by the Pheasant View Post
My current Yam 900 Diversion will do it. Most 'fours' will, even if they are sluggish there. The reason I might is that I live on the edge of London and it's 13 miles to the centre, almost all of which are in a 30mph speed limit. If traffic is light, 35mph is mostly OK - go slower and car drivers tail-gate me. There a couple of stretches where it is possible to roll at 35mph for a couple of miles. On them I like to trundle along in a high gear at low revs. The triple didn't like to do this. Maybe I should just ride faster...
You'd love a stock Ducati 996! 35mph means slipping the clutch in 1st gear. I'm only slighty exagerating. In truth my 996 is the worst streetbike I've ever owned but it's still one of the last bikes I'd sell if I was liquidating the aviary.
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