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Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
That doesn't make sense!
How is one supposed to rock the bike kickstand on the tire, if one wheel is missing?
If I did that then my handy dandy little jack rod that keeps the bike up, would fall down, and oh boy, what a pickle I would be in then!!
The skinny rod is the tool I use for keeping Spirit up while I take the tire off, it seems to me putting the kickstand on the tire is not really ideal! The tool only supports the bike's weight, but will not stay in position if I I move the bike off it. :)
It would be a great idea if I had a spare tire and I was in a garage, but on the road this will not work

By yourself, it doesn't make sense. If there is someone else with you or another bike nearby, like if you have two at home and that's where you are, it's the best way. Or, if someone on a bike stops to help.
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