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Originally Posted by hammerhoot View Post
Ok, summer 2013, we will be leaving Pennsylvania for 16 days to do the Trans-Lab.

Bikes on trip - 2

2009 R 1200 GS

2011 R 1200 GS Adventure

My first question is, will my Adventure be able to make all of the necessary fuel stops without the need for me to carry extra fuel? 9 gallon fuel tank.

Will my other riding buddy be able to make the necessary fuel stops with his standard GS without carrying spare fuel? 5.2 gallon tank.

We will be coming up through the Gaspe' and grabbing the Ferry at Matane. Then running to the end, taking a ferry to Newfoundland, running the coast, then grabbing a ferry to Nova Scotia and on back to the states. Are reservations on those ferries mandatory and or recommended? I assume Manic 5 is a stop for sure to take a tour if possible and stay there. Any other stops on way to Churchill Falls that are worth stopping at? We will be doing the tour at Churchill for sure. Will be camping out as much as possible as long as the weather holds. How long would it take from Manic 5 to the end to grab the ferry to Newfoundland assuming good weather? And finally, tires, we both believe that a fresh set of Heidenau K-60 Scout's would be a good choice for this trip. Anybody agree of disagree with our choice? Again, this seems like a serious trip that needs planned out and time needs to be taken to prepare. Food and the possible need for medical supplies are a must that should be taken into consideration. Does the Canadian Government or private radio stations broadcast weather reports on the AM band? We have portable radio's that can run on batteries and a self contained hand crank power supply, or is this something that is not needed as the area seems to be extremely desolate and probably not many radio broadcasts anyhow. As many thoughts and opinions would be sincerely appreciated!!!
I rode my 07 V-Strom 1000 around the TLH. I took a 2.5 gallon Jerry can and used it twice. Once, because my riding partner blew past Relais Gabriel like his arse was on fire and the second because the stretch between Goose Bay and Port Hope Simpson is like 490Km. My Vee can manage 340-350 if I'm babying the throttle. And I wasn't. Its best to know the range on your machine, fully loaded, in the dirt.

For your tire choice, I'd consider the K60 Rear and TKC80 front combo. Fastredbike did the trip on his GSA this summer and did not like the K60 front tire. When I met him in September at the Atlantic ADV Rally, he had switched back to the TKC front and rear. Many find the K60 front to be a bit squirrelly on the gravel. I run the K60/TKC80 combo on my Vee currently and its the cat's ass. It'll give you more wear and control than you'll need on the TLH.

There are radio stations in Lab City and Goose Bay. I just don't remember if they were AM or not. If you have an NOAA Weather Band Radio, you should be fine. Alternatively, there is lots of WiFi in Labrador when you stop, so Internet Weather Reports should be no problem.

As far as your supplies and such go...There is Ambulance Service in Churchill Falls, Goose Bay and Lab City. Remember, there are long stretches so a properly appointed First Aid Kit would be strongly advised. Food and such should be available every day as you pass through the different communities along the route. While it looks huge, the TLH is really not all that long. Consider the Sat Phone sign out in Lab City or make sure you have a SPOT Tracker that you can use to summon help.

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