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We have spring water that feeds our town well. The water is from the foothills of the mountains to the east. But you never know how many cows are up there. The locals protest every time the state of Sonora forces the town to use the chlorination system because they hate the taste and the smell. The state has promised a new system - we'll see. I have come to like the taste of our local purified water product. It does have the unfortunate name "River Water" though. With bottled water available everywhere in Mexico you are well covered.

I used to drink right from the streams up high when I lived in Colorado but I stopped after finding a dead marmot in the water about a quarter mile up stream from where i had just taken a drink. I guess I'm luck as well.
Yes, the days of "carrying a water cup" when hiking are long gone! Our spring is back in the woods with no cows but there are salamanders pooping in the water & my spring box , though sealed wasn't "bug proof". Seems what with the weather thiong/ el Nino` going on our spring also slowed much from the past, so city water was very welcome. I still run it out near my house via gravity(I destroyed the cistern/pump arrangement) from 1,400' away & enjoy a cold drink. We never went to chlorination but I'm always careful these days with my water choices. After my "event" I studied up on water treating & even the iodine tabs don't kill virus's . The Aquatabs do work with a virus but taste like crappy over treated city water!
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