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Originally Posted by outdoornate65 View Post
So I've been shopping around the local dealerships for my next bike (have only bought one new bike in the past) and I'm getting pretty frustrated with the dealer BS.

How is it that there are such varied numbers when it comes to dealer "costs"?

For example:

One local dealer quoted me a decent price for a 2012 bike I'm considering and said their dealer costs were $109.

I went to another dealer, still here in Denver, and he wouldn't quote me a price and wanted over $600 in "dealer costs"!! WTF??

So for those of you that have been around the block a few times, what should I "reasonably" expect to pay in fees and what sort of mark-downs from MSRP should I be looking for on left-over 2012 models? Talking about a $6000 bike....not some $17,000 KTM.



It all depends on what the customer wants to hear...

Some dealers have low listed prices they jack up with various "costs". Others will give you a real number without jacking up.

Example: When I was selling about four years back, we had a copy of a customer's sales receipt from a Michigan dealer who sold him his CBR for $8000 versus our $9200. The final difference in OTD price? $3 less than we were. Yep THREE BUCKS. He got to travel five hours around 200 miles one way then back for $3!

Do you honestly care about anything other that what the bike will cost you out the door?

By the way, be careful if buying out of state, you may get a lower price because they may not be charging you the sales tax and some title fees you may have to pay when transferring title in your state. I think dealers are supposed to do all the title work to get you or the bank a title in your state, but I'm not sure of that.

Key thing to remeber -
  1. How much is the OTD figure - the price you will actually be paying including all taxes and fees, including financing costs. A buyer is a dumbass if they let any other number sway their decision. .
  2. How much is it worth to buy at the dealer of your choice should they not be the lowest priced? I know I am willing to pay a few hundred more to deal with a local dealer that I know and in which I have confidence. I make them my last stop when shopping for anything they may sell. (They now deal with guns and I got the lowest price I found on the rifle I wanted without telling them the pricing I found on line. I simply asked what they wanted for the rifle - they were $15 less than anything I found, no shipping adding only sales tax.)
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