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It's a cool old building - 20' x 20' with a single car-width tilt up door. The electrical supply has been upgraded, it has two 8' banks of lights, a porch, the shelves.

It could be a cool man-cave with some TLC. Needs serious repair of some of the siding, maybe go with Hardy board. Put in a roll-up door, cut in a man-door where the window is. Add insulation and paneling and a ceiling, a shop sink. Roof is in good shape.

But the biggest problem is the floor. Apparently the building was built on a pier and beam perimeter foundation and the floor was poured later. The alley side of the foundation has sunk and has some cracks and the floor is crowned in the center, maybe 5" higher than the alley side, a couple of inches higher than the yard side. And the pad outside the door is sloped, and the patio under the arbor is a separate slab. In short, all the concrete work is haphazard and deteriorating.

I got a quote of $6K to level the building, fix the foundation, and pour a new floor. Add to that the cost of rehabbing the siding, walls, etc, and it seems you are approaching the cost of a new building. The foundation guy said he could put in a new foundation and floor from scratch (on a clean pad) for $4K.

My budget is $20,000. So I'm trying to figure out if I can demo this building and put in a new one, including a parking pad, for that.

Or should I live with the f'd up floor and pad and just fix up the building? I hate to pour a bunch of money into a building that's got fundamental problems. If I could get away with $5K to fix it up, I might do that, but I got numbers up to $15K for rehab the way I'd want it. And I'd still have all the floor and pad problems.
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