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Hi gentlemen bought a dr 750 while ago and now starting on a resto .Photos we will see .Didnt seem to bad except for some issues So carbs siezed up, easier to buy some as pretty generic.Do have to buy 4 tho so if anyone needs some let me know .Wiring is toast ,missing fuse box,probably why wiring melted and starter regulator .Assuming these are generic as well ,rather than pay cmsl prices, tho a good website.Will get wiring loom from there.Do we think easier to replace most electrical stuff eg.rectifier, coils or do they survive ?Also frame has rust on bottom rail; running up to foot peg mount got the tig out so should be fixable. Tins all good, beak,dash lights, there .Thanks guys
I don"t think you can buy a new loom anymore ,CDI is over 300
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