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i will play.

have had 3 ATKs. at first i thought they were rare and unusual, but after having 3....maybe not as rare as i thought. but still unusual and always draws a lot of questions.

1994 ATK 605 DSES

1989 ATK 604 ES. the bike is fairly rare. i later got an MX tank and seat. way better for the track and looked really cool. i wish i could find a pic with the strange looking MX tank and super long seat that went all the way up to the triples. this had all the cool tricky features of the original ATKs. Rotax motor, countershaft mounted rear disk brake, and crazy chain torque eliminator contraption.

Current bike. 1997 ATK 605 Dual sport. this falls more into the unusual category. single sided frame, or what you would think is the frame. the down tube and back bone are actually a separate structures from the bottom frame with pegs and subframe.

As rarity goes. I think my 1974 YZ125A takes that one. was handed down from my dad to me. only seen a handful online, never another one in person. this is my vintage racer.

and the other rare bike i dont have any good pics of was a 1989 KTM 500 DXC. this bike was insane. i call this rare just because where else can you find a factory stock 65HP 2 stroke?
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