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As has been mentioned some of the Japanese riders often look out of the rotation turns rather than always looking into and around them.

This was most intriguing for us when we first saw it as the rule is your bike goes where your nose is pointing, so why should anybody want to look out and away from the turn?

We asked several of the riders about this technique and sadly got quite a few different answers, so here is a digest of what we were told.

It's done to 'unwind' any dizziness.

Saves having to lift the chin up a long way to view the horizon and to determine bank angle.

To identify a point on the outside where you would end up if you continued the turn, so you are not breaking the rule.

The head is not being turned out, it's just that the bike has turned away from underneath you. The regular head-snaps help to keep the turn as tight as possible.

Take your pick...

I have tried it and although it is certainly very strange at first it does seem to work.

I found this video of Momoko Tsukihara and Peter Hach (check out his headgear) where you can see two different techniques being used. Momoko snaps her head in the direction she wants to go whilst Peter seems to let the bike turn under him before snapping again. I'll let you be the judge.

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