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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Yeah... I watched the vid... lot's of good rhetoric and the usual cliches for the sponsors...

A few more quick knee jerk reactions from the little we saw of the car in action...

1. Rear engine clearance/overhang - very close to ground/exposed.
2. Spare tyre on side/low... exposed with no under protection... perfect for getting a stone/stick puncture... ideal if you want a flat before you need to change tyres.
3. The couple of airborne high spee shots... flies very tail heavy...?

Yeah... no doubt it will be fast (like a lot of the SCORE Class 1 buggies it borrows much of it's technology from)... but for how long/how far?

I would not bet against the prediction that Strong Bad made earlier in this thread in any case.

But it IS nice to see Red Bull and Qatar get behind two of the biggest names in the DAKAR from recent years and give the two past champions a shot at the race in 2013... maybe it can be developed in years to come to be a contender (like RG's Speed/Hummer outfit)... but four months is too short to deliver a winner for 2103 I believe.

Both Nasser and Sainz have tested almost all real good Dakar machines in the last years:

VW Touareg (Both Nasser and Sainz)
BMW X3 (Nasser)
Toyota Hilux Overdrive (both of them)
Hummer (Nasser)
SMG buggy (Sainz), a concept similar to the Qatar red bull
SAM mercedes (Nasser)

Both have a name on them, as well as Red Bull.

I really doubt they would get in something so bad so easily.
They know how they will sit against competition,. No other team has so much knoledge of competition as they have.
There must be a lot of things to develop, as it has been the case with Mitsubishi, them with X raid, or even the endless wallet of VW Dakar project.
I can not see them fighting for overall win in 2013.
But I really doubt this thing could be awfully designed or constructed, and have Nasser, Carlos and Red Bull exposing themselves to it.

The logistics, assitance and all what is beneath the special stage itself is really important in Dakar
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