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Thanks for those links, that gives me a great head start on what I am looking at doing. Great info there and some different approaches to a similar end result. Big help.

I am really condsidering using the ugly stock RT tank with no tupperware. Looks are not my biggest concern. I wish the glovebox pocket was different but I may make something to fill it, like a reserve tank. The tank is not really heavy, unless full of fuel, it carries the weight pretty low down near the cylinders, and best of all it is free...since I already own it. Also the screw holes could make for some nice tank back attachment points etc...

Rear shock and suspension is a big area of concern, an Ohlins GSA shock is out of the question. A WP PDs is possible, but will have to research the fitment issues. Then some sort of a front frame goosneck, whether I buy one from Bert Duursma or build my own, either way I have the whole front end already and the '96 RT is is good shape so I can sell alot of parts if I do this, the build could be almost cost free, just time.

I am leaning towards trying a Trellis frame similar to the Bakker frames Bert sells, no real risk, if I can't get it right then all I am out is an $80 YZ frame that I cut the gooseneck out of, then maybe an aluminum attemp at cutting the stock one with a CR gooseneck, then last resort drop the cash on a Bakker. Lots of playing around ahead of me and I am sure alot more questions from me and request for info help.

My only issue right now is my bad neck, but on Dec 5, 2012 I am getting a NEW plate and new Ti screws to fix the one that got broken....somehow, and refuse the C6/7 joint that did not fuse. 6 months after that I am in to do a big project.
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