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Originally Posted by jaumev View Post
It helps A LOT!!

As you can see in the pics before I compressed the fork with straps to the maximum I could and it was 34mm left, so if I understood your comments this must be approximately the maximum fork travel with my settings (springs, oil, etc.)

Thank you very much Dallara!

No problem, Jaumev.

Happy to be of any assitance... Especially to someone like you who has contributed so many fine ride videos and pictures of the Super Ténére´out there off-road.

One note... I just went out and checked my fork travel indicators (small cable tie around each fork tube) on my own Super Ténéré, and my forks hit full travel with an indicated 25mm from axle carrier casting to the dust cap slider limit at the upper edge of the cable tie. That's in actual riding. Though I haven't ridden in any off-road sections as technical and extreme as you have, I do ride fairly hard and have bottomed my forks regularly (as should be the case).

Note this is traveling more than the 34mm you seem to be getting in your pics.

Just for the record, my bike has the full Stoltec mods (stiffer, custom-wound, heavy spring wire front springs, Penske valving, etc.) to the forks, and as such might actually have slightly more usable travel than stock since Nick at Stoltec says the springs he uses have a much more *open* wind to avoid coil-bind so early. With his mods the forks are much smoother in operation as well as more compliant than stock, yet with much more control and precision... None of the indistinct "hobby-horsing" (excessive fore-and-aft pitching) that the stock set-up exhibited. They also smoothly bottom out, with none of the harsh "slamming into a hydraulic-lock stop" feeling of the stocker.

That said, again my fork travel is nearly a half-inch more than your "test bench" travel so you might want to go take another look.

Just FYI...



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