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I really wish I had more time to devote to this build, but I am always super busy at the end of the year (isn't everyone?) so I have only been able to work on the bike for an hour or so here and there. I want to ride this damn thing!

Anyway, I got out of work early today so I headed home and went out to the garage. I got my front wheel in the mail, so I mounted it up:

Looks nice on there. I have to make some spacers for it, it's sitting about an inch too far to the left right now. But nothing major. So then I was standing there staring at the thing and I decided it would look much nicer with an empty rear triangle. There's actually quite a bit of room between the tank and the frame, so I think I can hide most of the electronics up under there. I pulled out the airbox and battery box, and unwrapped the wiring harness looking to see where I could shorten it up. Turns out there's a nice long run of wires, about 16" or so, without any splices or connectors or anything, that I could just cut out of the harness to make it shorter. So, I took a deep breath, grabbed my wire cutters, and turned this:

Into this:

It was at this point that I discovered that I am out of solder. Oh, well. I'll get some time to work on it later this week. The scope of this build has gotten quite a bit bigger than I originally anticipated (doesn't it always?), but I like where it's headed.
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