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Thank you very much for the details on costs. I know it will be bad, but that sounds a little bit disencouraging. On the other hand, I am planning on doing wild camping for most of the time (have no problems with river showers ;) ) so that would help saving a lot of money in turn.

Still there is a lot of planning to do, but also a lot of time as we think about starting around June. Late enough for moderate climate and polar nights, early enough - hopefully - for avoiding the real big tourist crowds, and the mosquitos. I was thinking about 4-6 weeks, so the fact that you two did it in 5 is very much encouraging. Did you stay longer in certain places, or did you do it more 'rhythmically'?

Just two more things.. First, what you said about gravel roads and the possibility to choose sounds great. Which maps did you use to navigate, in particular when it came to gravel roads? (or did you go for good fortune and gut-feeling?) And second, what can you say about the differences between Finland, Sweden and Norway, regarding costs/money and roads/nature?

Keep it on!
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