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Originally Posted by BenZens View Post
NomadGal, if there is something wrong with you then I have must have the same affliction.

Haha, let's start a club!

Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
No Esther, there is something right with you.

There is something wrong with a civilization which pushes everybody and everything else aside in the name of financial gain. The idea that we must give up all our sunrises, all those crisp spring mornings and that smell as the plants start to warm up for the day... that we should give up our time with friends, our families, our peaceful contemplation and ecstatic dancing and passion in exchange for something as meagre as money is an affront to what it means to be alive. There is a lie born of greed, stoked by people who enjoy the gains from an uninformed workforce, cowed by fear. The lie is that there is no other choice but to bow your head and pull the plow until you die, doing the things you truly live for only in the margins, if you're lucky. Some of us can see a different path.
We are made of stars. Don't ever forget that.

A sane person to an insane society must appear insane. - Kurt Vonnegut
Yep I agree, but I also know that money in our current way of live is a necessity, Spirit after all rides on gasoline, and even though I require little food, I still need to purchase it because I'm not that knowledgable about wild plants, berries and mushrooms. Still, I consider myself lucky in that I know it is only temporary, and I try to approach the work in a happy and peaceful way. It seems to work, because yesterday and today were quite pleasant and I made a lot of people happy.
Shopping might not be my thing, but seeing as I can not tell the shoppers the superfluousness of owning more than a couple of jeans, I content myself in the knowledge they they are blissfully unaware.

Originally Posted by viper770 View Post
hey how you doing
dont feel bad i know how you feel once i started working again i could not wait till i got back on the road again i felt like i was on a leash i hate it when i cant travel :)
I hope you can get some riding in between workdays(nights)

Originally Posted by Tex76 View Post
One of the best quotes I've seen. Money's great but it's definitely not the most important thing. Keep riding!
Haha, thanks!
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