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Originally Posted by tennyis View Post
I do have a 32" inseam so looks like I will have to pass on it they seem like difficult bikes to sell in my area as well so probably not worth the chance on it. thanks guys.
I wouldn't be so quick to pass on that bike.... For guys who are only going to have ONE bike and it needs to do double duty, it makes sense to have a 400 or 650. You need the extra ooomph on the paved roads to get to the trails.

Sure, they also give you more power on hard packed and dirt but unless you have the dirt experience and are wanting to go balls to the wall don't need all that power. Like Ron said, you give up flickability, you gain oomph.

I'm 6'1 with a 34" inseam and for me, on the tight trails, in the woods, in the sand, climbing up hills, in the mud and on the hard packed stuff.... it's great. BUT.... I don't ride it to the trails. I trailer it. For me to get to decent trails it's a 50 mile pavement ride one way.

Is it a little heavy? Yes. Would I rather have a faster bike like a KTM? Sure. Am I willing to spend $$$$ for a KTM and deal with all the maintenance BS ? No.

If I know I'm going to be riding longer distances, or on a lot of pavement and / or I'm not going to be in the deep, nasty chit, I take the F800.

This is where have multiple bikes has it's advantages. It's like shoes. You have your boots, your sneakers and your dress shoes..... each has it's own purpose.

The XT is simple and a blast to ride ON THE TRAILS. Many of us have a tendency to over complicate things with bigger, faster, etc., Don't buy into that.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.
My 2 cents.
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