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Originally Posted by ac_elite View Post
Hey Booger1,

Great RR; currently in Todo Santos enjoying a bit more of the Baja hospitality before we ride back up to Canada. 1 up on a KTM you can take the roads we couldn't 2 up on the GSA. At least with my skill set, the road from Alphonsina to Coco's and onwards to Mex 1 was enough, until I get better in the soft stuff loaded for 2up camping.

I have seen this before on other ride reports and I'm not sure as to why so many riders are compelled to secure their bikes in the rooms. I have travel all over the world, some on motorbike, and I have never done that, not even considered it. Especially not in places like Baja. The only time I have ever had our GSA locked overnight was in Downtown San Francisco upon suggestion from the hotel bellboy, and I felt I was taken for a ride.

I do not wish to start a debate on security; carelessness vs media-imbued-paranoļa, but just sayin'.... I don't get it.

Now back to the program, great vids and pics. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the mainland
Thanks for taking the time to read my report while your out on the road.
As far as securing the bike in the room. I live in Phoenix and have had freinds bikes stolen so I've always done that. And now I'm use to doing it that way and feeling safe about it. I'm sure nothing would have happened, but that is your horse and if somthing would happen, then what. I do have full caverage insurance, even down in Mexico, but would rather not deal with loosing it.
Good luck on your trip.
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