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The Helix is about the most comfortable to ride bike I've ever owned. Sold it to get money for an ultralight aircraft engine
once upon a time and sometimes I miss that red "sweet 'n low" beauty. With 244cc and a 10" rear wheel, its not quite as
fast as the Reflex with its 249cc engine and 12" rear wheel. I think they quit building/importing to north America both the
Reflex and the Helix in 2007 but parts are still quite available for both. Though I must say it seems Reflex parts are easier
to find than Helix parts. (check out part dealers and CL or ebay to confirm that.)

I would ride it from here in SE MI. to Oshkosh WI. without too much trouble but always felt that it didn't have quite enough
guts to handle expressway speeds. It could get up to about 70 mph if there was no wind and stay there all day long. (just
a little faster if one could manage to draft behind other vehicles. Not a good idea I know, but at the time it is what I
needed to do to get someplace in a reasonable amount of time.) The tail lights are kind of low and a concern by many
owners and often remedied by adding lights higher up, usually to a top box.

Maintenance is a piece of cake and usually only needs regular air filter replacement and oil, drive belt and tire changes. The
valve check/set/reset usually happens after an initial break in period. Shouldn't be an issue now since virtually all Helixes
have made it past that point. Relatively easy procedure if it still needed it though.

One thing you may need to be aware of; that is if the later models are the same as the early models anyway. And that is
that the rear brake is operated by a floor pedal and not like a lot of the newer scooters with the rear brake being operated
by a lever on the left handle bar. You may want to check various other scooter forums that may deal more specifically
with the Helix for more info.

Its been quite a while since I last rode a Helix. But even back then I thought it had enough leg room. I like to stretch out
in full feet forward style.

Good luck scooter hunting.

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