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Originally Posted by jimmycorp View Post
Hey guys, new guy and recent lurker here. Taking my MSF next week and thinking of getting an 84 700s for my first bike. I'm 6'2 and 270, wondering if this bike would be a good fit?

The S is a great bike. I've been riding for 36 years now, mostly what is now considered "Dual Sport". I picked up a gently used S this May and I absolutely love it. Around town, at 6k RPM and below, it is very well mannered. When you open the throttlewide and she hits 7k, the bike begins to accelerate very rapidly, this happens again as you pass 9k. Save that for a time when you have more experience and lots of open road ahead.

Originally Posted by jimmycorp View Post
I'm assuming this is smaller physically than a 700s?
The 1985 CB650 is dimensionally almost exactly the same as a 1984-1986 Nighthawk S.

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