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Originally Posted by grumbler View Post
That reminds me, my daughter is a sophomore at WWU (Fairhaven College),
and was at the Chuckanut Brewing Co on W. Holly St. Right next door is
Champion Cycle, a Triumph dealership. She fell in love with a Bonneville
T100 while there.

At any rate, have to say that Chuckanut Drive north from Burlington to
Bellingham is a superb road despite being a popular scenic route. Was in
a cage moving my daughter and her belongings from Seattle to WWU
when we took that coastal byway.

Will probably take her out to the Blue Mountain Grill out on Valley Hwy in
Acme the next time I visit her. Looks to be a nice loop out of WWU.
Gootch is right, Howard is an A+ guy.

As far as Chuckanut... well, it's a great ride, but...
A) too many looky-loos going 5 under
B) frequented by police when the weather is nice
C) WAY WAY WAY too many drivers blowing their lines and coming over the center lane for me. After that guy 2 (?) years ago on his Beemer was sent off the cliff (and decapitated mind you) by a driver crossing into his lane, I've pretty much stayed off of that road unless it's really (really) early in the morning. He was on his way to work and some dumbfuck killed him. No room for error on that road.
People tell me I have a motorcycle problem. I tell them, I may have problems, but motorcycles are the solution.
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