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The Mighty Helix

Originally Posted by Wentwest View Post
I've owned a Helix, and sold it because it gave me a sore back. I'm more comfortable on a sit up scooter, and I ride Honda CH250 Elites now.

I do wonder about the Yamaha Morphous. It just looks so space age - like George Jetson might come motoring by any moment. Are they are solid, reliable and as well built as the Helix?

Mine hurt my back too, after an hour or so of riding. Overall, an awesome scooter for it's time though. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, they are sorta "flexible". Between the long wheelbase and the primitive front suspension, they can be a little squirmy. Mine also tended to follow cracks and seams in the pavement, at least when the tires were worn or under-inflated.

My biggest beef with the Helix (and almost all older Honda scooters) is the bystarter, or electric enrichment device. Mine all seemed to fail - repeatedly. My Helix developed a tendency to spew raw fuel out of the carb's overflow tube on hot and/or humid days. It took lots of time, effort and money to finally trace it down to a bad bystarter, and by then my love affair with the Helix was over.

I'm sure if a person bought a new, perfectly functioning Helix back in the 90's, they would have fond memories of a nice scooter. The Helix was/is definately more than the sum of it's parts. Even though mine was ragged out and needed frequent repairs by the time I came to own it, I could see that it must have been a great bike when it was new. The gauges and lights alone were years ahead of their time.

Having said all that, I always wished for just a little more power out of my Helix, and a little better front suspension.
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