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I have a 2006 Off-Road with a 6MT. I love everything about the truck except the gas mileage (17mpg, city or highway). In the nearly 130K miles that I have put on it, I have had to replace the fuel sending unit (Nissan partially covered that, since there is a service bulletin on that very problem), the clutch went at about 126K (seems longer than typical, per, and one of the u-joints on the front drive shaft died at about 120K. Otherwise, mechanical issues. Also, the rear shocks and springs died by about 100K miles, though high-quality after-market upgrades are readily available

User experience niggles are the shit fabric that nissan uses for their seats -- I wore through the outer edge of the driver's seat in maybe 60K miles; a fading seat-belt retraction mechanism on the driver's seat belt which means I often have a bight of seat belt hanging out under the door, and the coating on the steering wheel wearing through in a couple of spots to the foam underneath. The passenger door speaker is toast, and needs to be replaced.

I do a fair bit of long-distance driving in the truck (Seattle to Bay Area several times a year), and the truck is great as far as brakes, accelleration, NVH, seat comfort, etc.

And it's one of only a few vehicles available in the US with 4WD/AWD and a stick shift, which was a big selling point for me
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