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Originally Posted by livo View Post
I'm an Aussie and I tuck my jeans into my boots - must be the Brit heritage. Never thought any different

But I wear my adventure pants over the top of the boots
Motorcycle police here in America wear their boots on the outside, as do any serious horsemen with their cowboy boots - it doesn't pay to have extra wear and tear on one's pants/trousers down there.

Me, I tuck my adventure pants into my adventure boots - again, less wear and tear at highway speeds, and it gets rid of the damned pant-cuffs flapping in the wind.

I'm not sure I'd wear jeans inside the boots for motorcycling though. It just always looks bad. But then if I had a sportbike again, like that guy is riding, I'd have a sportier pair of leather pants to tuck into the boots.
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