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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I might have a lead on a '76 Laverda cl3 1000 a friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing...

However I don't know anything bout the things.

Can someone educate me here?
Do I want one? Should I have one?
Do they suck or are they as cool as pinguin's balls? Ballpark figure? (Hasn't run for about 6 years - all original parts and paint)

Why is it never a guzzi lemans I-III that pops up like this eh...

They are great machines. Very solidly built. Laverda bought the best parts packages available, so, 1976, Nippon Denso guages and switchgear, Bosch electronic ignition [the very first bike with non-points ignition].
Uber kewl.
Becoming recognized by collectors, so if you buy it, you will sell it for more.
The 180 degree cranks [ 2 outer pistons up, single centre piston down] make hauntingly cool exhaust noise.
Parts are suprisingly easy and reasonable[I live close to the best supplier].
Exceedingly rare compared to a Moto Guzzi of same vintage. You'll have the only one.

Price? Has very much to do with where it's being purchased, and what it's condition is. If it's been stored improperly, of course rust plays no favourites, exotic, plane jane japanese, they all suffer. Very good condition in North America, 10KUS. Europe,,,9K euro. Australia, New Zealand,,,16KAuz. Deduct value from there based on what it needs.

Good luck, the things are great, long legged, big, loud, proud.
BTW, I leave my buddies WAY behind on their '76 Lemans 850 and Lemans Mk111 in every performance catagory.
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