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Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
Yep I agree, but I also know that money in our current way of live is a necessity, Spirit after all rides on gasoline, and even though I require little food, I still need to purchase it because I'm not that knowledgable about wild plants, berries and mushrooms. Still, I consider myself lucky in that I know it is only temporary, and I try to approach the work in a happy and peaceful way. It seems to work, because yesterday and today were quite pleasant and I made a lot of people happy.
Shopping might not be my thing, but seeing as I can not tell the shoppers the superfluousness of owning more than a couple of jeans, I content myself in the knowledge they they are blissfully unaware.
Ah. I fear I communicated poorly. I was trying to reaffirm your lifestyle choice.

The only way there would be something wrong with you, by letting work/money serve your life instead of the other way around, is if the lies repeated in our culture were true. Money has its place, for sure. I like buying food at the store too, it's far easier than gathering it myself even at the best of times. (Try gathering pinenuts sometime, $14/lb will look like a steal!) But still. It is good that it is temporary, and it is good that you are controlling work, instead of your work controlling you. That's all I meant to say. :) That there's nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with society's assumptions about which things have value, and that you're courageous, not broken, for pursuing the things in life you really value instead of giving up on your dreams.
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